Our 5 week Research

European Fitness Academy conducts scientific research into practice methods and training programs that can help people start exercising regularly and in a healthy manner. We conduct research into the efficiency of existing and new fitness programs, training methods and exercise protocols in our accredited fitness centres. This applies to all areas relating to general fitness, physical  activity and a sports specific preparation.

European Fitness Academy collaborates with the Free University of Brussels and Erasmus University of Applied Sciences.

What to expect from the 5-week program

  •    we start with a fitness test, a strength test and a weight and fat percentage measurement
  •     your personal training program is created
  •     you receive personal guidance to learn the exercises
  •     you train 2x per week, 40 minutes each time
  •     you train in small groups
  •     the planning of your training sessions is tailored to your personal schedule
  •     Your one-time payment is 59 euros

National Cholesterol Plan 2024: ‘DEGREASE YOUR BODY!’’

  • 70% of Belgians have poor cholesterol levels (= fat in the blood),
  • 60% are overweight (= body fat)
  • and 50% have too much belly fat (= visceral fat)

It seems that our bodies are being billed for the evolution of our ‘wealth lifestyle’, because this SILENT KILLER FAT EPIDEMIC is making our society physically and mentally very unhealthy.

“The ‘silent killer’ that is often ignored until it’s too late: why you’re better off knowing your cholesterol levels”

Prof. dr. Ernst Rietzschel, Cardiologist at UZ Gent, Het Nieuwsblad 8/11/2023

With our ‘Degrease Your Body!’ Plan, we offer a scientifically backed remedy, so that everyone can make a healthy restart!

The National Fitness Survey: How Fit Is Belgium?

The physical and mental health of the Belgian has taken a big hit. Due to the corona situation, belgians have suffered from exercise delays. This manifests itself in ‘3M’ health-threatening disorders: 

Metabolic disorders (overweight, high blood pressure, cholesterol, belly fat, diabetes) 
Mental disorders (stress, burnout, depression) 
Mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system (back pain, etc.) 

The good news is that Belgium has excellent fitness coaches and clubs and that we can make up for that exercise delay quickly and result-oriented.  

With the NATIONAL FITNESS SURVEY we measure the progression of strength and cardio vascular condition that you can make in 5 weeks time. This increased FIT INDEX has a direct impact on physical and mental health. This proof of trainability is motivating to continue with regular and healthy exercise.


Weight Loss Course

During your first meeting, the coach will conduct an intake interview so that a clear plan can be made. The coach will give you a theoretical explanation about how your body can burn more fat faster.

We work with a results guarantee. This is possible because the fitness equipment is fully automatically controlled. The cardio and strength equipment will be adjusted step by step according to your progression.

You train 10 times by appointment and you receive useful tips after each training. The evaluation and results discussion will follow after 5 weeks. You will receive a printout with your progress in the field of faster fat burning. You will also receive non-binding exercise advice for the further progress of your exercise plan.


Slim down Research program

We will research how your body can burn more fat faster and faster. Our team of experts teach you how to train with the latest technology. Our fully automatic fitness machines measure your progression step by step. Too much fat is unhealthy. With our research program you can really do something about it.

With the 5-week research program we do the necessary measurements and tests and help you by creating a balanced and healthy exercise plan.

Starting to exercise is essential, now take the first step and decide to do something about it. We will help you on your way, sign up for the 5-week research program and together we will work step by step on improving your health.


Back pain Research

Back pain is often caused by weakened muscles and joints. Therefore, to prevent back pain, you need to strengthen your spine. You need to exercise carefully, wrong movements can overload your back and hurt your back even more.

During the 5-week research program we will work with our physiotherapists and coaches to find out how we can strengthen your back in a pain free manner. We will teach you some simple basic exercises. The starting load is zero kilograms and the exercises are automatically adjusted to your own exercise capacity.

You will train by appointment in small groups and step by step we will see where we can progress. This way you will strengthen the muscles and joints of your back properly and this is the only lasting solution to prevent back problems in the future.

After 5 weeks we measure your progression and you’ll receive an evaluation and exercise feedback from our coaches.

With your improved exercise results you can now do something about it yourself and continue working on a strong and pain-free back.

Start research program

The ‘ metabolic syndrome ‘ is a collective name for variety of welfare diseases such as:

  • Bad cholesterol levels
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Too much abdominal fat
  • High blood pressure
  • Stress

Because all these disorders cause a greatly increased health risk, more than 50% of Belgians take medication against one or more of these disorders. However, the best remedy is: regular healthy exercise.

When you start exercising you should be careful with how you do it. For an appropriate exercise program, you must take into account your current physical fitness and medication intake. Our coaches will take 5 weeks to research where there are opportunities to progress in your way of exercising. After these 5 weeks you will receive expert follow-up advice from our coaches. With our 5 week research program you can take the first step in a safe way.

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